Perfect Silhouette

How many bridesmaid dresses are collecting moth in your closet today? The dress you wore once at your sister’s wedding and you cannot bring yourself to wear it in daylight again?

Bridesmaids play a very crucial role in a wedding. Therefore, it is very important for each one of them to feel comfortable and elegant on that day. Coming up with bridesmaids dresses that please and flatter everyone’s body type is hectic and draining.

Plus size ladies opt for long elegant dresses which flare out, highlighting the midsection.

Petite young ladies prefer short dresses, as long dresses will make them look shorter.

However, the curvy ladies want dresses which flatter their curves in a classy way.

To get that perfect dress, MoriLee, offers a wide range of elegant modern collection. Find fine fabrics like chiffon, sequin, tulle, and lace at Amsale and for that classy dress, Pronovias 2017 Fashion Collection is out. Reward yourself.

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Best Bridesmaids’ Dresses Choices

girl&chocolateHave you been a chocolate addict like me ever since your childhood?

Ever since our childhood we always dream about our wedding, the wedding dress and of course the bridesmaids’ dresses.

chocolate bridesmaids



This is your chance to make sure you get to have the best and the most memorable bridesmaids’ dresses, as you can get it in chocolate colour which makes it even more beautiful.

All you need to do to make this happen is to go to which makes sure your dream is fulfilled.

The only thing that can take your wedding to another level and make your special day even more special are these chocolate dresses for the bridesmaids. The thing that you have wanted to do wedding ring and chocolateeversince your childhood can be done. It is like finally doing justice for the chocolate you have loved right from your childhood.
Just like you say I Do to the groom, say I Do to these chocolate bridesmaids’ dresses.

Pronovias. 2017 Cocktail Collection

The new season 2017 of Pronovias wedding fashion grants the right to bridesmaids to wear memorable moments. The new collection of dresses for bridesmaids tells beautiful stories of style and brings an air of subtlety, distinction and indefiniteness of fabric, colors, profile… The famous brand constitutes the most extensive bridesmaids dress on-line aggregator, where everybody can find a dress for herself – a source of inspiration is prodigiously generated at

It is difficult to make a choice when plunging in the constellation of dresses and ideas, and a sudden impulse drives the eagerness to embark on buying everything at once. The cocktail suggestions and creative vision of Pronovias transform the wedding reception into an event privileged of gathering beauty, style and joy in a bunch. Long or short, the elegant dresses and ensembles, accompanied by fashionable accessories, stimulate the bridesmaids who choose Pronovias to compose the special outfit in line with the spirit of the ceremony and its symbol of allure.

The apple dilemma

Bridesmaids in apple green

It’s a long road filled with anxiety and decisions until you get to that perfect day: the wedding.

One of these decisions is the bridesmaids dress. This is specifically a tough one because you have to deal with a bunch of moody women with different tastes. And they all want different colors matching their skin or hair!

A new trend is setting among weddings: the apple colors. But which one should it be?

Wedding pair with applesThe fresh, energetic green or the sexy, passionate red? The yellow is out of the question for the superstitious. The color of jealousy can’t be auspicious for a wedding. You could simply choose by what apples you prefer, but another option is choosing the color according to the season:

  • if it’s close to spring, go with green,
  • if it’s close to fall go with red.

No matter what your choice will be you can find the perfect dress designed by Emma Bridals, Venus Bridal or David’s Bridal on

Pantone Color of the Year 2016 – A Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding Palette

Pantone Color WeddingIn this modern age of stress, people are increasingly looking for ways to relax, to be happy. Since the beginning of time, colors had a remarkable impact on us, our body and our mind. We use color to express an opinion, attitude, to point out our best features, to show the best of ourselves.

Colors really matter to us

Wedding in Pantone ColorsPANTONE Color of the Year, for the first time, is a blend of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity. This year, the colors help us to have a sense of composure, bringing us feelings of respite and full of life.

Combination of these tones offers excellent opportunities when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. This season bridesmaids will simply shine in a weightless and airy dresses in colors which attract the eye.

Wedding Cake in Pantone'16 colorsSeason Spring 2016 brings us breathtaking dresess, feel free to explore at the following link

Here you can find a variety of beautiful examples of these seasons trends by designers such as Watters, MoriLee, Enzoani, Gather & Gown, Jasmine and Jenny Yoo.

So don’t be afraid to let them show, your true colors…

Floral Print Dresses – The in thing this Summer!

2Summer Weddings are a riot of colors and breeziness. As a summer bride, you must choose the most suitable look for your bridesmaids. Choose floral print dresses for your lovely ladies – whether according to their individualistic style or the same design for all, ensure that they all wear floral prints. A floral print dress will make the bridesmaids look feminine and romantic, and will help to highlight and put more emphasis on the snow white wedding attire of the bride.
For a lovely collection of floral print dresses for bridesmaids, visit now.

Floral Print Bridesmaids Dress

bridesmaids with umbrellasTo complete the summer bridesmaid look, one can wear fresh flowers on the hair, on the belt or on the hands. If each bridesmaid chooses to wear a different color, keep this factor in mind while selecting the color of the shoes. A great idea to spice up the pictures for such a wedding is to add umbrellas in light and bright colors that will perfectly complement the floral dresses.

Beautiful bridesmaid dresses in ombre style just for you

manicure in ombre style hair in ombre styleOmbre is probably one of the most interesting, creative and various prints. Lately ombre takes the leading place in different spheres of beauty industry: lipstick in ombre style, hair dyer, manicure and by all means such a popular effect could not but inspire leading designers and modelers while creating their new collection bridesmaids dresses.

ombreIf we are talking about history then it should be mentioned that for the first time ombre as a fabric was created in Victorian epoch in Europe and mostly it was created for its decorative purposes. For example it was used as decorative ribbons, outfits, blankets and even furniture.

However it became very popular as a fabric in 70s at the end of 20th century when disco was so popular as well. And it is not a surprise at all; bright and rich colors schemes and smooth color transitions were perfect for this remarkable and dynamic style!

modern. ombre denim. ombreHowever the time has passed, and preferences had changed completely – a brand-new style remarkable and fabulous ombre print is coming back to beauty industry of fashion and style. The beauty of this print is in its smooth transition, the color is too real, and the play of color schemes in action is much more interesting.

If you want your wedding to be unforgettable, then you have to choose Impression Bridesmaids dress with the ombre effect Do not forget that you can also pick an outstanding dress from fabulous collection of Sorella Vita.

By the way you should pay attention to shoes and accessories with the same effect. It can be an interesting clutch by Chanel where ombre is an additional original décor. Or maybe you prefer pumps in black and yellow by Jimmy Choo?

Hydrangea and Wedding

Such different hydrangea

How to pick the color of the dresses to suit the bridesmaids. Imagine this, you have a summer wedding in the garden almost like a Solar ceremony. The bridesmaids all in a row with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the end. The question now, what color to select? Hydrangea is a good choice! Except, the only problem is that designers differ in their shades of this color. Be aware not be caught out, if you have already convinced the bride to purchase a dress in the color of hydrangea. Let’s assess what designers have on offer?

To start with lets look at a popular aggregator bridesmaid dresses


demands that hydrangea – a sparkle of orangeBridesmaid dresses by Jasmine

Val Stefani

settled on more the colors of dawn
Bridesmaid dresses by Val Stefani


likes the touch lilac
Bridesmaid dresses by Amsale


The legislator wedding fashion JennyYoo didnt agree to single color its more based on the choice of fabric.

Bridesmaid dresses by JennyYoo

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.13.26To find out who’s correct? We inquired the site PANTONE which claims the color hydrangea has a shade of:

Despite this, you can still select your choice of shade in all the colors of the rainbow.. oh i meant hydrangeas ☺

All the best with the wedding function!

Children at a wedding

Children at a wedding ceremony create the unique atmosphere of sincerity and happiness. In case of the invitation of married couples together with children, it is necessary to think over several nuances in advance.

girl & wedding cakeThe menu for the child will need to be discussed with his parents: whether there will be he is adult food, or it will be necessary to prepare for him dishes separately.
children at weddingChildren very much like to feel necessary therefore they with pleasure will participate in a holiday on an equal basis with adults and will undertake several simple duties. For example if it is the boy, he can charge to hold a small pillow for rings if it is the girl — to hold a bridal bouquet to be a flower girl.

Remarkable option will be if children accompany young people to a wreath supporting a wedding dress. Also children very much like to act, and parents to observe the children on a scene. Each child can charge to sing a verse, the song or dance that will become part of the general show program. It is necessary to think over small prizes for performance for each little guest.

flower girlsAt a buffet reception in the open air for children it is possible to put special tent that they could play in the fresh air, also outdoor games with a ball will approach or to put a table with children’s food and lemonade, to put paper, colored pencils, board games.

Specially invited animator, the clown or the conjurer will be the fine decision for the organization of children’s leisure at a wedding. Excellent idea will be to allow children to have a good time soap bubbles.
bubble at weddingIt is possible to occupy also children with a photoshoot with the groom and the bride, and her bridesmaids, or having discussed for with the photographer all nuances earlier, to make a personal photoshoot for children. Wedding photos, will always remind of a fine event.

In that case children definitely should not miss, and they will become the main decoration for your wedding ceremony.