Beautiful bridesmaid dresses in ombre style just for you

manicure in ombre style hair in ombre styleOmbre is probably one of the most interesting, creative and various prints. Lately ombre takes the leading place in different spheres of beauty industry: lipstick in ombre style, hair dyer, manicure and by all means such a popular effect could not but inspire leading designers and modelers while creating their new collection bridesmaids dresses.

ombreIf we are talking about history then it should be mentioned that for the first time ombre as a fabric was created in Victorian epoch in Europe and mostly it was created for its decorative purposes. For example it was used as decorative ribbons, outfits, blankets and even furniture.

However it became very popular as a fabric in 70s at the end of 20th century when disco was so popular as well. And it is not a surprise at all; bright and rich colors schemes and smooth color transitions were perfect for this remarkable and dynamic style!

modern. ombre denim. ombreHowever the time has passed, and preferences had changed completely – a brand-new style remarkable and fabulous ombre print is coming back to beauty industry of fashion and style. The beauty of this print is in its smooth transition, the color is too real, and the play of color schemes in action is much more interesting.

If you want your wedding to be unforgettable, then you have to choose Impression Bridesmaids dress with the ombre effect Do not forget that you can also pick an outstanding dress from fabulous collection of Sorella Vita.

By the way you should pay attention to shoes and accessories with the same effect. It can be an interesting clutch by Chanel where ombre is an additional original d├ęcor. Or maybe you prefer pumps in black and yellow by Jimmy Choo?

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