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Children at a wedding

Children at a wedding ceremony create the unique atmosphere of sincerity and happiness. In case of the invitation of married couples together with children, it is necessary to think over several nuances in advance.

girl & wedding cakeThe menu for the child will need to be discussed with his parents: whether there will be he is adult food, or it will be necessary to prepare for him dishes separately.
children at weddingChildren very much like to feel necessary therefore they with pleasure will participate in a holiday on an equal basis with adults and will undertake several simple duties. For example if it is the boy, he can charge to hold a small pillow for rings if it is the girl — to hold a bridal bouquet to be a flower girl.

Remarkable option will be if children accompany young people to a wreath supporting a wedding dress. Also children very much like to act, and parents to observe the children on a scene. Each child can charge to sing a verse, the song or dance that will become part of the general show program. It is necessary to think over small prizes for performance for each little guest.

flower girlsAt a buffet reception in the open air for children it is possible to put special tent that they could play in the fresh air, also outdoor games with a ball will approach or to put a table with children’s food and lemonade, to put paper, colored pencils, board games.

Specially invited animator, the clown or the conjurer will be the fine decision for the organization of children’s leisure at a wedding. Excellent idea will be to allow children to have a good time soap bubbles.
bubble at weddingIt is possible to occupy also children with a photoshoot with the groom and the bride, and her bridesmaids, or having discussed for with the photographer all nuances earlier, to make a personal photoshoot for children. Wedding photos, will always remind of a fine event.

In that case children definitely should not miss, and they will become the main decoration for your wedding ceremony.

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