flower print bridesmaid dresses 2016

Floral Print Dresses – The in thing this Summer!

2Summer Weddings are a riot of colors and breeziness. As a summer bride, you must choose the most suitable look for your bridesmaids. Choose floral print dresses for your lovely ladies – whether according to their individualistic style or the same design for all, ensure that they all wear floral prints. A floral print dress will make the bridesmaids look feminine and romantic, and will help to highlight and put more emphasis on the snow white wedding attire of the bride.
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Floral Print Bridesmaids Dress

bridesmaids with umbrellasTo complete the summer bridesmaid look, one can wear fresh flowers on the hair, on the belt or on the hands. If each bridesmaid chooses to wear a different color, keep this factor in mind while selecting the color of the shoes. A great idea to spice up the pictures for such a wedding is to add umbrellas in light and bright colors that will perfectly complement the floral dresses.

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