Pantone Color of the Year 2016 – A Rose Quartz and Serenity Wedding Palette

Pantone Color WeddingIn this modern age of stress, people are increasingly looking for ways to relax, to be happy. Since the beginning of time, colors had a remarkable impact on us, our body and our mind. We use color to express an opinion, attitude, to point out our best features, to show the best of ourselves.

Colors really matter to us

Wedding in Pantone ColorsPANTONE Color of the Year, for the first time, is a blend of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity. This year, the colors help us to have a sense of composure, bringing us feelings of respite and full of life.

Combination of these tones offers excellent opportunities when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. This season bridesmaids will simply shine in a weightless and airy dresses in colors which attract the eye.

Wedding Cake in Pantone'16 colorsSeason Spring 2016 brings us breathtaking dresess, feel free to explore at the following link

Here you can find a variety of beautiful examples of these seasons trends by designers such as Watters, MoriLee, Enzoani, Gather & Gown, Jasmine and Jenny Yoo.

So don’t be afraid to let them show, your true colors…

Hydrangea and Wedding

Such different hydrangea

How to pick the color of the dresses to suit the bridesmaids. Imagine this, you have a summer wedding in the garden almost like a Solar ceremony. The bridesmaids all in a row with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the end. The question now, what color to select? Hydrangea is a good choice! Except, the only problem is that designers differ in their shades of this color. Be aware not be caught out, if you have already convinced the bride to purchase a dress in the color of hydrangea. Let’s assess what designers have on offer?

To start with lets look at a popular aggregator bridesmaid dresses


demands that hydrangea – a sparkle of orangeBridesmaid dresses by Jasmine

Val Stefani

settled on more the colors of dawn
Bridesmaid dresses by Val Stefani


likes the touch lilac
Bridesmaid dresses by Amsale


The legislator wedding fashion JennyYoo didnt agree to single color its more based on the choice of fabric.

Bridesmaid dresses by JennyYoo

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.13.26To find out who’s correct? We inquired the site PANTONE which claims the color hydrangea has a shade of:

Despite this, you can still select your choice of shade in all the colors of the rainbow.. oh i meant hydrangeas ☺

All the best with the wedding function!

5 Best Colors For Bridesmaids’ Dresses

A wedding is a grand occasion. Bridesmaids are an integral segment of its entire decor. Settling for a superb color for the bridesmaids’ outfits is vital. Lots of colors are available for sampling. You can go for neutral shade; coral; pastel shades; navy; shades of gray; pale pink shades; mint, and lots more! Here are our sampled 5 best colors for bridesmaids’ dresses.


Quite a number of modern, trendy and fashionable weddings have adopted gray. Instead of going black, giving a lighter feeling would be the best idea. If you agree, gray is the best color for your sweet bridesmaids’ dresses. It will add class to the whole set-up. Besides, the girls can still trend in them after the wedding. Gray is an all-season color. It’s a universal match to any theme color.


Mint is classic, cool, fashionable and trendy. If your background choice is natural, and garden-like, then this will be an amazing color. Its light greenish shade is a sweet match to such backgrounds. It is gorgeous and absolutely hot. It works best for most modern garden weddings. Mint fashionably accents with gold as well as rose gold. It would be a perfect choice!


Give your bridesmaids the best of red-carpet experience with fine coral touch. Coral’s popularity with red-carpet events would add pomp and style to the theme. Your bridesmaids would look fabulous. Its beach-like shade is appealing to many. Besides, it would be an amazing color in a warm summer wedding. Coral matches well with all skin tones. It also rhymes with many hair styles.


nudeCommonly known as pale neutral. Nude is just amazing! If you plan to go for an all-white bouquet, nude will be a perfect match. Its sophisticated mien is worth the value of your big day. It accessorizes easily and blends well with most jewels. It brings out the boldness in your bridesmaids. Moreover, its combination with pastel adds a romantic feeling at a glance.


Pastel shade is super hot for modern weddings. It works well for a destination and or a spring wedding. Its soft shade is what defines its top-class appearance. Pastel’s gorgeous and cool mien will definitely make the girls flying high. It matches with most backgrounds and themes.


In conclusion, bridesmaids’ dresses should spice up the selected theme color. Moreover, the color designs should be all-season fashionable. Settle for one of the colors; you’ll love the outcome!