Diet for a bride

Your nutrition should be strict and balanced in the same time. Plan your ration very carefully so you would receive not less then 1100-1300 calories a day. If you will increase this amount of calories your organism will gain all these kilos back and even several additional kilos in store. It is essential to eat several times a day, you have to have 3 main meals a day and 2 or 3 additional meals.

We are offering you our carefully planned variants of breakfasts, lunches, suppers and snacks for a diet before a wedding.

Weekly diet


  • oatmeal on water, cereals or brown rice
  • an apple or a grapefruit
  • herbal tea


  • nuts, salad with vegetables
  • a glass of juice


  • fish or chicken clear soup, soup with vegetables
  • green salad
  • boiled or baked vegetables
  • boiled fish or chicken breasts

diet20Afternoon snack:

  • fat free cottage cheese
  • yoghurt


  • salad with vegetables
  • fruits

Try to multiply your ration in order to make every single portion less then 250 grams. You should stick to this diet for one or two weeks and avoid eating bread products completely. If you will stick to this diet for 14 days then you can try to make every 7th day fasting day, for instance you can drink a herbal tea all day long.

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A Christmas Wedding

A Groom for Christmas written by: kkellis Anna had always dreamed of a Christmas wedding, complete with frosted white accents and a charming horse-drawn sleigh. She could almost hear the jingle of the harness and the crisp crunching of the snow as the sleigh runners cut through the freshly fallen drifts. Now all she needed was a groom.

“Anna!” snapped the sharp voice of her best friend Torie, startling her out of her revery and reminding her that, as Maid of Honor, she was supposed to be paying attention to Torie’s dress selection. Tori’s dress was beautiful, the charming faint pink with the hand sewn bodice was simply stunning. Torie’s June wedding was going to be perfect just like all the girls in their merry band, but Anna longed for the quaint, picturesque winter vision.

Anna met Bradley in the fall, just as the leaves were beginning to show the faintest tinge of orange and the air was practicing the crisp, cold edge of winter. It was perfect. He was perfect. The long fall walks and the shared talks over hot cider seemed to be more fitting in a fairy tale than in Anna’s world. This simply didn’t happen to her. She had watched all of her friends wed before her and she was sure to be an old maid before she realized her winter wedding.

winter_brideAs the world turned cold, things began to heat up with Bradley. But, it was much too soon to consider marriage. Besides, she was always the bridesmaid. How would she even know how to be the Bride?
It happened on Christmas Eve, under a surreptitiously hung sprig of mistletoe. Bradley asked her to marry him!

On Christmas Eve… in right now.

As he led her down a candlelit path, she rounded the bend to find as exquisitely decorated gazebo with her best friends gathered dressed in soft, ivory white furs awaiting her big moment. “How did you know, she said with her eyes welling up with tears?”. Bradley replied “How could I not know? Besides, I had a little help”.

The giggles from her very own bridesmaids told the tale of exactly how Bradley pulled off this winter fairytale. After participating in each of their amazing weddings, they had helped make one for her. Her heart nearly burst with love from Bradley, and for the enduring friendship that only sisterhood brings.

She could even hear the jingle of the horses in their traces waiting to wisk her away into the night.