To Gift or Not To?

It is every woman’s dream to walk down the aisle hand in hand with the luckiest man to win her heart. It is such delight that engulfed Valeria when her fiancé, Brian, finally proposed to her. She had waited for that moment for many years. Valeria’s saw herself run errands up and down to make sure her wedding would turn out perfect. She had two bridesmaids, Lisa and Maria, her adopted niece and Brian’s niece respectively. Valeria’s daughter had opted to be the maid of honor.

bridal_giftJust like any other lady, the bridal party wanted stylish outfits to match the big day. As a great aunt and mom, Valeria gladly paid for all their wedding dresses, shoes, earrings, clutch bags and bracelets. The ladies were all in cloud nine with excitement. Valeria’s daughter was also lucky to get a bathrobe she had envied for many months.

the_bridal_partySince all ladies love nice treats, Valeria decided to take the three girls and some other friends to an impressive dinner. It was a chance for them to taste different cuisines, dance and drain the night away with girl talk. On the groom’s side, there were two groomsmen, Jimmy, her fiancé’s nephew and Daniel, Valeria’s son. These two gentlemen are very economical. Daniel worked with the military, therefore, opting to put on his ROTC uniform. Jimmy, just like many stylish teenagers, decided to rent a Tuxedo from one of the bridal shops. All said and done, Valeria was puzzled and confused about one thing.

wedding_candyHaving given the girls such expensive treats, was she still obligated to buy them a bridal party gift as it is a common tradition in her culture? According to her, she felt that she was spoiling the ladies more than she should. Her preference was the gentlemen to be rewarded with a beautiful gift since they received no special treat before the wedding. She was however worried that some of her friends and relatives might see her as selfish for not rewarding the girls with a bridal gift.

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